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You’re a creative connector.

Your special super power is helping others to do this thing without feeling like this.


You can do this thing


You have this skill


You thrive in this situation

Creative Connectors Explained

Your special sauce is doing this particular thing. Your unique feature means that you can achieve this thing, without feeling this thing.

Use this space to go into more detail about this quiz result profile, ie. what kind of person it is likely to be, typical characteristics / traits, favourite environment, likes / dislikes, etc. You want to emphasise their strong points and describe how to use these to their advantage.

You want people who generated this result to read this and think yes, that’s me. When they feel the connection and know that you understand them, they are more likely to purchase your product / service.


The 5 Action Steps



Take control of your finances with a savings & investment app


Set your goals and stay accountable


Build a crystal clear picture of your ideal future


Map out the journey you are going to take to achieve success


speak to your family and friends about your abundance plan


“I’m Stella & I’m passionate about this thing.

This space is for you to introduce yourself (or business) and describe why you are so passionate about what you do.
Give an overview of your journey to get to this point – how it all started, your experience, the moment where you knew you were on to something, any mistake you made that has taught you something.

This section is to establish yourself as the expert who understands their pain points and can solve them with your product / service.


Creative Connectors

‘Ze heeft ruimte nodig, ruimte om weer bij haarzelf te komen. Ruimte om zichzelf te voelen in alles wat speelt.’ 

‘Ze heeft ruimte nodig, ruimte om weer bij haarzelf te komen. Ruimte om zichzelf te voelen in alles wat speelt.’ 

Bij binnenkomst is ze duidelijk uitgeput. Ondanks een succesvol bedrijf, een liefhebbende partner en twee kinderen voelt ze zich overweldigd. Jaren van vermoeidheid en een afnemend libido hebben haar onzeker gemaakt. Elke ochtend is een strijd, en het lukt haar al maanden niet meer om haar kinderen naar school te brengen. Overweldigd door schuldgevoelens vraagt ze zich af: “Wie ben ik nu?”

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